Golf Holidays of Distinction with WAGA : 2015 – 2016

  • There are no more WAGA Golf Tours in 2015

Grab your calendar and make a note of the Final WAGA golf tour:

“The Last Hurrah”

Australia – Gold Coast, Queensland 2016 – 5 June 2016 – 11 June 2016

Click here for details of Australia - Gold Coast Golf Tour with WAGA June 2016The time has come when the World Airline Golfing Alliance will cease operations after 17 years.

Many countries, many tournaments and many happy golfers and non-golfers.

So, plan the holiday, come to the Gold Coast…

Join WAGA for “The Last Hurrah” and play 4 of the best golf courses, enjoy the hospitality of the Mercure and the cuisine of Australia.

The Gold Coast in June 2016, perfect one day and fantastic the next.

To download the PDF brochure, please click here
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Further down the page are details of recent tours, and feedback from a number of our guests
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What Do You Look For In A Golfing Holiday?

golfing vacationsA Golf Vacation different to “all the others”?

A Golf Holiday offering golfers great value for money?

A Golf Tour suited to people from ALL around the world?

A Golf Travel Package for golfers (and non-golfing partners) from all walks of life?

Feedback From Previous Golf Tours with WAGA:

Here’s another comment…
Bordeaux, France, May 2011.
Many thanks to you Brian and Jennie for an amazing time in Bordeaux.
Alisi; Sydney.

Tracie and I want to thank you for a wonderful experience. We enjoyed the golf, the wine and especially the friends, old and new. The kindness displayed by you both will be long remembered. Dean & Tracie, San Francisco.

Lorraine & I had a great time in Bordeaux. The staff at the hotel did an excellent job. It was good to catch up with you and Jennie. We look forward to joining you at a future WAGA event.
Jim & Lorraine, Chicago.

As always, we had a great time with WAGA in Bordeaux. We are sure to meet next year in Monterey, China or wherever.
Dagmar & Juergen, Germany.

I enjoy my stay in Bordeaux and to see nice people again. It was great! I look forward to seeing you both again with the next trip with WAGA.
Chantal, Spain.

Subject: Re: Palm Springs (aka La Quinta)
Hi Brian,
Tracie and I wanted to thank-you again for another wonderful event. The accomodations, the food and the golf were superb. We really enjoyed visiting with old friends and meeting new friends. A special thanks to Jenny for her delightful support of the event.

Looking forward to the next WAGA event that we can make. With warmest regards,
Dean and Tracie Curry

Having Fun, Playing Golf and Enjoying a Holiday“Just wanted to thank you for one of the best golfing vacations I have ever had. Everything was superb. My wife was telling someone about the golf tour and said, ” I don’t play golf but I’m going to travel with the golfers from now on, because they know how to travel”.
Thanks Again for a great vacation.
Best Regards, Don

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“Just a quick note to thank you ….. As this was my first golf tour with WAGA I can’t express enough how much I enjoyed my week. I am looking forward to joining you again on another great golfing week. The organization was superb. ”

Yours Sincerely, Arty A.

We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the trip
….. The hotel was excellent value and really comfortable. The golf was fantastic. Not my performance, but the courses, the company and the whole setting. Playing in different environments is good.

As always, a great feature of your tours is the organisation. There is so little for us to do in terms of logistics, that it makes for a very comfortable and relaxing time. Whilst even the non-golfers are having a good time, the golfers don’t have a conscience!
I hope you are enjoying your work as you are providing a lot of people with a really good time.
Kind regards,

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Recent Golf Tours with WAGA during 2015:

September 2015 – France – Deauville

Golf Tour with WAGA 14th September – 18th September 2015

Click here for details of France - Deauville Golf Tour with WAGA SeptemberThe history of Deauville commenced in 1060 and the city has grown. A wonderful city, by the sea and encompassing attractions of the 21st century. Casinos, golf courses, boating, race courses, there is much to see and do in this lovely part of western France. Join WAGA and enjoy! This is an ideal spot for golfers and non-golfers.

Travel to Deauville can be completed by train, road, car or bus from Paris or UK.

To download the PDF brochure, please click here

May 2015 – USA- Hawaii, Honolulu

Golf Tour with WAGA May 11th -May 14th
Click here for details of May 2015 - USA- Honolulu, Hawaii Golf Tour with WAGAWhere the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific lap the golden shores of Hawaii, this is the location chosen by the World Airline Golfing Association (WAGA) for the second event of 2015. This is your invitation for golfers and non-golfers to convene in May 2015 for a par-excellence event and a remarkable holiday. Check out the dates, empty out the suitcases, grab those holiday clothes and apply.
To download the PDF brochure, please click here

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March 2015 – Argentina – Buenos Aires

Golf Tour with WAGA March 8th – March 14th
Click here for details of March 2015 - Argentina - Buenos Aires Golf Tour with WAGAThe Argentina Invitational Open

Golfers and their partners from around the world are invited to this prestigious tournament being held in Buenos Aires.. This is an amateur event and is open to players with recognised handicaps which are to be provided at registration.

To download the PDF brochure, please click here

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Golf Tours with WAGA during 2014:

September 2014 – USA- Palm Springs, California 2014

Golf Tour with WAGA 14 September – 18 September 2014
Click here for details of September 2014 - USA- Palm Springs, California Golf Tour with WAGAThe words, Waldorf Astoria hotel, conjure up images of luxury, being pampered and totally spoilt.

When you combine La Quinta with Waldorf Astoria and Hilton Hotels, then you know you have the holiday of a lifetime to enjoy.

Now the World Airline Golfing alliance joins this prestigious group and offers amateur golfers and their partners an opportunity to participate in a sporting event at a remarkably low price.

The golf is spectacular, legendary and world-renowned! Each course a gem, lying beneath the desert sun, beautiful blue skies and stunning mountain vistas provide a wonderful backdrop.

To download the PDF brochure, please click here

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March 2014 – The Argentina Invitational Open- Buenos Aires

Golf Tour with WAGA 9th March – 15th March 2014
Click here for details of March 2014 - Argentina Invitational Open- Buenos Aires Golf Tour with WAGAThis is your invitation to the Argentina Invitational Golf Tournament to be held in Buenos Aires from 9th March – 15th March 2014.

This is an invitation to all amateur golfers with a registered handicap to participate in this Open golf event.

South America, a country known for its wonderful sightseeing, food, wine and history is now the site of the 2016 Olympic Games.

The World Airline Golf Alliance (WAGA) invite you to join them and WeGolf Argentina for a full programme of golf, dining and enjoying all that Argentina can offer.

To download the PDF brochure, please click here

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